Mark Corder

At Mark Corder Ltd we offer bespoke Learning and Development solutions for organisations that want to invest in developing their new and future leaders and managers.

  • We like to understand your specific requirements and then tailor the training, coaching or mentoring to fit your needs as we recognise that every organisation is unique. Our aim is to help you develop your people so that they consistently add value to your organisation and play an important role in achieving organisational goals.
  • We offer a range of off-the-shelf 1-day courses that will provide your teams with the necessary skills and learning to improve their performance and outputs across a wide range of competencies.
  • Remember, leadership is a skill and is something that people can learn and develop with experience and support.  Promoting people into news roles without providing them with the necessary development could be very damaging to both them and your organisation.  Don't hold back on the development of your people as it will just hold back the development of the organisation.

Why us?

As an experienced leader, Learning & Development professional and performance coach, having worked in the private and public sector and in businesses, I have been able to carefully select several training associates to work with me to support the design and delivery of our services.  We will be pleased to work with you and to understand what you want to achieve so that we can offer you the best possible solutions to fit your organisational requirements.

Between myself and the team, we have exceptional operational and strategic experience across private, public and voluntary sectors.  We've created, run and sold businesses and successfully managed teams of more than 1,000 staff.

Call 07879 332 822 or email: mark@markcorderltd.co.uk