Fear of failure?

16-May-2018 12:43
in General
by Admin
How ambitious are you in life and in work? Studies suggest that we are motivated either by ambition or by a fear of failure, and that people tend to be in one camp or the other.
So are you looking towards the future intending to achieve things and be successful, motivated by the potential of success? Or will you be making choices that are mainly geared to ensure that you do not end up as a failure?
The difference is how challenging and bold you decide to be in setting your goals and aims for the future. Set low targets for yourself, then sure, you probably won't fail, but you may not look back with much of a sense of achievement. Or you can be brave, think big and decide that there's a whole new fresh world out there to explore, either in terms of a new job, a business or some other challenge you'd like to have a go at.
It all comes down to what type of personality and preferences you have, but if you want to move from being motivated by fear of failure to being motivated by achievement, then it's about a change of how you think and your mindset in general.  This is not always something that people can manage on their own.  If you wish to discuss further, please get in touch.
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