Delivering to DPD

21-April-2018 1:01
in General
by Admin

Usually, it is DPD that does the delivering, with their vast operations delivering parcels to people and organisations far and wide.  This week however, I've been at three DPD locations (Warrington, Reading and Smethwick) delivering leadership and management training to their graduate scheme employees who are not long into their management career journey where many will quickly rise to become operations managers and beyond.

I've delivered a lot of training over the years, but I'm not sure I have come across such a collective team of enthusiastic people who were willing to learn, who all made vast contributions to the running of the workshops and, just from their demeanour and attitude, I could tell within the first five minutes that this week was going to be a pleasure - and it was.

It's great to see an organisation investing in its future talent and clearly, by embracing such a management programme, DPD means business.  An organisation that has gone from strength to strength need not look too far to figure out where some of its success has come from.  DPD of course focuses on achieving targets and KPIs to deliver as close to 100% of parcels as possible, on time and to the correct addresses, but underneath all that is evidence of a people-centric organisation that puts both its employees and their many self-employed contract drivers to the fore.

For me, and this is something I've repeated many times this week on the training I've delivered, if you take care of the people, the rest will take care of itself.  Success is built by the people in an organisation and that's where the time and effort should predominantly go.  Even ahead of the customers, as they will be taken care of by the teams and individuals that you also take care of and look after.  The delegates on this week’s training workshops agreed with this ethos and I hope that many of them will find a path that takes them onto a successful career beyond middle-management.