Caring for Leadership Training

31-October-2017 20:41
in General
by Admin

For the past month we’ve been visiting Sunridge Court care home in Golders Green, London, to deliver a blend of leadership and management training and teambuilding workshops. It was refreshing that the delegates who attended were from top to bottom in the organisation i.e. not only did we have the front-line staff in attendance, but all the assistant managers, the general manager and even, to her great, the Chief Exec. What better example to set your team than to undertake the training yourself?

We explored the competencies that make up high-performing teams; we ran some exercises that gave everyone the opportunity to be the ‘leader’ and also everyone, including the managers, the opportunity to be a ‘non-leader’. Everyone played their part and experienced what it was like to walk in someone else’s shoes i.e. to have a greater understanding and some further empathy for the other roles in the organisation.

Having all the team members take part also made it an ideal opportunity to seek ideas for improvement, which the delegates clearly put some thought into. For each of their suggestions, the delegates had to consider if there would be a cost and timeframe involved. It emphasised the point that some changes can take time and may cost more than is immediately affordable, so additional consideration was required to make some of the ideas feasible.

The groups also did some problem-solving and decision-making exercises where there was the potential for personal bias to creep into their choices. It was great to see that this was, overall, avoided, as people rationalised and explained the reasons behind their decisions.

The feedback was exceptional and team, Sunridge Court has taken their first step towards developing and growing a high-performing team in the safe learning environment of the classroom.